About APN

We are one of the leading suppliers within antennas,
filters and combiner systems for wireless 2-way radio communication for professional users.

About APN

APN is one of the leading suppliers within antennas, filters and combiner
systems for wireless 2-way radio communication for professional users.

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Amphenol Private Networks Connecting Technology & Resources

Amphenol Private Networks (APN) is one of a leading global solutions provider for wireless infrastructure systems.  Whether it’s a complex base station, a small DAS network or an InBuilding system, APN supplies in best-in-class performance.

About APN


Amphenol Private Networks designs and manufactures antenna technology for P25, ­TETRA, LTE, DMR, Air Band Radio, Marine and similar LMR/PMR network operations. Amphenol also designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of filtering and combining equipment, both for site applications and for highly customized applications with RF components designed into OEM base station and infrastructure equipment.



The Amphenol Private Networks Group consisting of Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam has the strongest and most versatile portfolio of antenna equipment. Just to mention a few, our portfolio consists of dual band TETRA/P25-LTE antennas, high performance and high gain UHF omni antennas and many antennas even with electrical down tilt RET. We also market a range of broad banded UHF panel antennas also with electrical and mechanical down tilt options. Low PIM values are a natural part of our antenna solutions.



Amphenol Wireless Solutions component programme comprises antennas, couplers and power splitters, dummy loads & attenuators, isolators, circulators & power monitors. The system components are designed by experienced ­engineers with a focus on the professional user. The products are of sturdy ­construction and the use of high-quality materials in connection with an extensive QA-system ensures the high quality of both electrical specifications as well as mechanical parameters.



APN also offers a very high performance and high quality range of combining and filtering equipment produced by Procom in Denmark. Combiners are both cavity and hybrid and numerous product combinations and solutions are possible to fit any customized application. The range is complete with isolators, band pass/band reject filters, flexible and broad banded receiver multicouplers and a wide range of duplexers – some even designed for high power handling and very narrow split between the TX and the RX frequencies. Procom has for the past 35 year supplied many highly customized combiner solutions to demanding customers operating first response and emergency networks.


Amphenol Private Networks (APN) offer years of expertise in product design, development and engineering along with an unparalleled commitment to service. With one of the most respected product lines on the market, APN continues connecting people and technology.


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