2018 DAS Brochure

Published by PROCOM A/S
27. February 2018

Release Note


2018 DAS Brochure


Amphenol Private Networks launches its most comprehensive collection of DAS products all located in one place, the 2018 DAS Brochure.


Included are more than 50 antenna models, passive devices like Power Splitters, Directional Couplers and Tappers, and the latest UHF Repeater. Along with a selection of Donor Antennas for the repeater system.


Amphenol Private Networks continues to maintain its position as the leading designer and manufacturer for these products and devices as demonstrated by our antenna range that covers UHF, 698-2700MHz and wideband product that covers 380-6000 MHz.


Our model 5086 SISO omni antenna features the lowest profile in the market of just 18mm! The MiMo omni model 5005300A is only 40mm thin!







Adding to this impressive line-up is our wideband UHF panel, 752.01.05.00, covering 380-470MHz, offering great flexibility for mounting either inside or out with versatile mounting options for walls or pipes.


Our newly launched repeater CSR-DMT is designed and manufactured to focus on delivering best in class mechanical and electrical performance. The CSR-DMT is a full band bi-directional digitally controlled amplifier with built-in DSP-filtering that offers communication improvement in Public Safety and government systems.


Directive Couplers and Power Splitters are available in the bands of 380-2700MHz or 698-2700MHz. The Symmetrical Tappers cover 150 – 2700 MHz. Each model has the option of N type, 7/16 DIN and the new 4.3-10 connector along with a wide range of coupling or spilt values.



Download our DAS Brochure here to get the complete overview of our DAS product line


DAS Brochure



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