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We are one of the leading suppliers within antennas,
filters and combiner systems for wireless 2-way radio communication for professional users.




We focus on the values

The Procom products are often used in connection with life-saving communication.

Self-governing groups in the production together with our extensive QA-system ensure the optimum quality.


We focus on four values as beacons in our daily work where we endeavour to be the best in the world at our line of business.
These four values are:



Procom adjusting quickly to market situations and requirements by tailor development. Procom’s ability to adapt results fast decision-making.
We are very close to our customers and to the competitive environment. This creates tight, rapid feedback and resulting in the perfect alignment of value creation.


Safety and Quality

Procom ensure consistent safety and quality through strong governance and compliance to applicable regulations and standards. We manufacture our products following strict policies, requirements and specifications provided through an integrated quality management program that measures all of our operations, system wide. The program promotes the highest standards in product safety and quality.

Our products are tested in modern laboratories using best methods and appropriate technologies against stringent requirements. We measure key product and package quality attributes by focusing on ingredients and materials.



Procom’s level of responsiveness in serving the customers can be evaluated from three perspectives: speed of support, sensitivity to market demands and awareness of changes in the general needs of the customers. Increasing customer satisfaction is a top priority for Procom. Procom put customers first. Our entire company is built around customer service and support. We are all about the customer.

These values are expressed in the way we are acting towards each other in the organization. And they are expressed in relation to our co-operation partners and customers throughout the world. Amongst other things, the values mean that we are constantly striving to adjust to the market and to the user’s needs with a focus on safety and quality.



Procom - making the world smaller

Our values relate to our background for thinking and acting. Our pay-off, "Procom – making the world smaller", shortly tells of our actual actions based on the values.


"Procom – making the world smaller" means Procom making connections between colleagues, co-operation partners and people who are connected in one way or another and who wish to get in contact.  When Procom’s equipment is used, people are getting closer because noise is reduced and the range is improved; simply making the world smaller.


"Procom – making the world smaller" is, of course, also about the global world getting smaller. Everybody is more dependant on each other across borders and nationalities. With Procom's products people are brought closer, because it is easier and safer to communicate in many different jobs throughout the world. Fire brigades, policemen, defense forces, fishermen, sailors, yachtsmen etc throughout the world can make good use of the quality equipment from Procom.


"Procom – making the world smaller" passes on a clear message that the human contact will be easier and the challenges of every-day life will be more manageable when using Procom’s quality equipment. Distances vanish, borders are pulled down and challenges are solved whether it involves fire fighting in France or the Olympic Games in China.

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