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PROCOM A/S es uno de los proveedores más destacados
de antenas, filtros y sistemas combinadores para comunicaciones de radio profesional.

About Jaybeam

Jaybeam is a widely respected supplier of high performance
base station antennas and accessories to the global market.

About Jaybeam

About Jaybeam


Jaybeam Wireless develops, manufactures, and supplies antennas for local broadcast and military markets internationally. It offers base station antennas, tri-sector antenna solutions, filters/combiners, in-building/microcell antennas, mobile and marine antennas, and mast head amplifiers; various antenna accessories; and a range of AISG compliant remote electrical tilt antennas and accessories. The company offers solutions from 50 MHz to 6 GHz in indoor, point-to-point, sectorized panel, and Omni directional configurations.

About Jaybeam

For 68 years

Jaybeam’s name has been associated with each evolution of antenna technology, from TV and radio into today’s leading mobile and PMR networks. Amphenol Jaybeam’s antenna business extends through factories in the UK, France, USA, Mexico, Brazil and India. In 2010, remaining within its Northampton roots, Jaybeam will see a doubling of its PMR manufacturing capacity to become the European centre of PMR development and production.


With an expanded team will come the addition of an entire range of antenna line products including cables and connectors from Amphenol’s Private Network.


Jaybeam Wireless

Is a respected supplier of high performance base station antennas and accessories to the global market.

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New APN facilities

We Invested in a new an larger facilities  in Wellingborogh, UK.


During March 2010 a thorough refurbishment has been completed and the entire company transferred to the new facilities.



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