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Tools for dimensioning of antennas

These pages contain various useful tools which are of great help when antenna systems are to be dimensioned electrically as well as mechanically.




SWR Nomograph (1+2):

Based on the forward and reflected power of an antenna the SWR can be read in the Nomographs.


SWR including Feeder Loss:

The influence on SWR (on the transmitter) is reduced as a result of feeder cable loss.


Mismatch Loss Related to SWR:

SWR mismatch loss in dB.


Attenuation versus Frequency:

Cable loss in various cable types in proportion to the frequency.


Wind Loading:

Calculation of wind load.


Field Strength Versus Radiated Power:

Calculation of the electrical field of an antenna in V/m with a given ERP in proportion to the distance.


Field Strength in Volt per Metre (V/m) Versus Radiated Power and Distance:

The electrical field of an antenna in V/m with a given ERP in proportion to the distance shown in a graph.


Conversion Table (1), (2) og (3):

Conversion table between power, dBm, volt (RMS) and volt for dBμV.
A large conversion table from dB to output and voltage.


HCM Codes:

Typical radiation pattern.


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