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LNA - Low Noise Amplifiers


A Low-noise amplifier (LNA) is an electronic RF amplifier, which typically is used in front of receiver systems with relatively high noise figure to increase the signal strength of weak radio signals in order to improve the receiver system’s sensitivity, i.e. ability to detect and process a weak radio signal properly.
Another purpose is to compensate introduced loss in the RF signal path in front of a receiver system, e.g. long antenna cables or filters/signal dividers with high insertion loss. Inserting an LNA in the signal path before the high-loss element, having RF gain similar to the introduced signal loss, it will restore the original signal level and ensure the signal-to-noise ratio of a received radio signal is retained.

One key parameter is the LNA’s Noise Figure (NF) typically expressed in dB. The Noise Figure is a measure of how much noise the LNA itself adds to an ideal radio signal, when amplified by the LNA. All Procom LNA products are designed with special focus on very low values of Noise Figure. An LNA is (or can be) a critical component in RF front-end circuitry to ensure the desired receiver system sensitivity.

LNA-GPS line amp-...
FQ  to 1575 MHz  Gain 25 dB  L: 61 mm
Amplificateur faible bruit pour 1575 MHz GPS
PRO-QLNA 380-520
FQ 380 MHz to 520 MHz  Gain 22 dBd  L: 160 mm
High-Performance Quadrature LowNoise Amplifier for 380 - 520 MHz
AMP 50-1.6G
FQ 50 to 1600 MHz
Mini-préamplificateur de faible bruit et de haute
AMP 0.1-100
FQ 0.1 MHz to 100 MHz
Míni-préamplificateur dynamique de faible bruit
FQ: 1575 MHz Gain: 15 dB L: 138 mm
Préamplificateur faible bruit pour 1575 MHz
FQ 800 MHz to 1000 MHz  Gain 18-20 dB
Préamplificateur faible bruit pour la bande des 800-1000 MHz
FQ 2300 MHz to 2500 MHz  Gain 15 dB  L: 138 mm
Low-noise preamplifier for 2300 2500 MHz
FQ 1700 MHz to 1900 MHz  Gain 15 dB  L: 138 mm
Low-noise Preamplifier
FQ 1140 MHz to 1300 MHz  Gain 15 dB  L: 138 mm
Préamplificateur faible bruit pour la bande des 1140-1300 MHz
FQ 68 to 180 MHz  Gain 17 dB  L: 138 mm
Low-noise Preamplifier for the 4 m, 3 m and 2 m bands 68 - 240 MHz
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