Making the world smaller

Procom - Skymasts - Jaybeam

Amphenol Private Networks (APN) is one of a leading global solutions provider for wireless infrastructure systems.
Whether it’s a complex base station, a small DAS network or an InBuilding system, APN supplies in best-in-class performance

Making the world smaller

Procom - Skymasts - Jaybeam

With us as your co-operation partner
you are secured a custom-made professional solution of high quality and which is quickly supplied

Making the world smaller

Procom - Skymasts - Jaybeam

Development & production of quality antenna equipment
We are one of the leading suppliers within antennas, filters and combiner systems for
wireless 2-way radio communication for professional users

Joined forces

Amphenol Private Networks (APN) offer years of expertise in product design, development

and engineering along with an unparalleled commitment to service.

We are joining forces!

The Amphenol Private Networks Group consisting of Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam, offer the strongest and most versatile portfolio of antenna equipment.


Amphenol Private Networks (APN) component programme includes couplers and power splitters, dummy loads & attenuators, isolators, circulators & power monitors.

APN also offers a very high performance, and a high quality range of combining and filtering equipment produced by Procom in Denmark.


With one of the most respected product lines on the market, APN continues to connecting people with technology.

APN products

Self-governing groups in the production together

with our extensive QA-system

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Life-saving communication solutions

Self-governing groups in the production together

with our extensive QA-system

Why APN?

The Amphenol Private Networks Group is a flexible and attentive company. Our flat organization makes it possible to follow up immediately on new customer-defined projects.

Together with our self-governing groups in production and our extensive QA-system, we ensure optimum quality, as our products are often used in connection with life-saving communication situations.


Constant care, and 35 years of experience from projects with various co-operation partners; help us to develop optimum solutions to your required needs for output, strength and quality.

Safety & Quality

Amphenol Private Networks ensures consistent safety and quality through strong governance and compliance to applicable regulations and standards. We manufacture our products following strict policies, requirements and specifications provided through an integrated quality management program that measures all of our operations, system wide.

This program promotes the highest standards in product safety and quality. Our products are tested in modern laboratories using the best methods and appropriate technologies against stringent requirements.

We measure key product and package quality attributes by focusing on ingredients and materials.

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Amphenol Private Networks adjusts quickly to market situations and requirements through tailored development. APN’s ability to adapt results in fast decision-making. We are very close to our customers and to the competitive environment. This creates tight, rapid feedback and resulting in the perfect alignment of value creation.

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Amphenol Private Networks’s level of responsiveness in serving the customers can be evaluated from three perspectives: speed of support, sensitivity to market demands and awareness of changes in the general needs of the customers. Increasing customer satisfaction is a top priority for APN.

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Tailor your antenna

Match your setup and tailor you antenna

with our new Mobile Antenna Configurator

Mobile Antenna Configurator

Procom is a flexible and attentive company. Our flat organization makes it possible to immediately follow up on new customer-defined projects.


The Procom products are often used in connection with life-saving communication. Self-governing groups in the production together with our extensive QA-system ensure the optimum quality.



We cover a wide field of antennas, filters and combiner equipment



Products & solutions

Amphenol Private Network's comprehensive product programme comprises 12 product

groups with more than 1000 standard products.


Innovative antenna and filter products for telecom applications.


World leading antenna solutions for marine, vehicle and rail applications.

public safety

Reliable base station antenna products for demanding critical radio infrastructure.


Specialized solutions and proven designs for ground to air, land based an naval communications.


The quality, reliability and innovation demonstrated across Procom maritime based systems.


Dependable and rugged solutions for civil and military ground to air communications applications.

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