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YA Mounting Bracket

Stainless Steel Angle Bracket for Fixation of Antennas

  • Angle bracket for fixation of antennas based on mounting on 1” threaded water pipe.
  • Max. antenna height: 1.25 m.
  • The antenna is fixed to the YA-bracket by means of the supplied hexagon nut and serrated lock washer which is screwed onto the antenna connector.


  • Application 1: Fixation on vertical structures such as:
    – ship’s masts, cabins and rails
    – house roof ends.
    (Fixation by means of screws, bolts or rivets (not supplied)).
  • Application 2: Fixation on vertical tubes (10 – 40 mm dia.)
    (Fixation by means of steel binders (through the oblong holes)). (Not supplied).
  • Application 3: Fixation on horizontal tubes (20 – 40 mm dia.)
    such as:
    – push and pulpit, rails and mast yards.
    (Fixation by means of the supplied U-bolt fittings).


YA Mounting Bracket110000032


MODEL“YA” Mounting Bracket
APPLICATIONAngle bracket for antenna fixation
STAND-OFF DISTANCE29 mm (to antenna center line)
MATERIALAcid-proof, polished stainless-steel
WEIGHTApprox. 180 g
MOUNTINGOn vertical surfaces with rivets, bolts or screws. On verticaltubing (10 – 40 mm dia.) with steel binders.
On horizontal tubing (20 – 40 mm dia.) with U-bolt.



Please Note

Please note that an antenna should always be mounted as high and as unobstructed as possible.


Objects in the vicinity of the antenna, especially parallel metallic parts (other antennas, wires etc.) may have considerable degrading influence on the SWR and the radiation pattern of the antenna.


Inside the marine sector the 1” water pipe mounting system for antennas has gained worldwide acceptance. The antennas are equipped with a revolving nut, which fits 1” threaded water pipe. From the Procom line of marine antennas the following models, which are designed for this type of fixation, can be mentioned: CXL 3-1, CXL 2-1/..., MA 2-1SC, CXL-VHF/GSM, MARCELL, MARCELL 3+, CXL 70-1/…, CXL 70-3/..., CXL 900-1/…, CXL 900-3/…, CXL 1800-1/…, CXL 1800-3/..., CXL 1800-6/..., CXL 2400-1/..., CXL 2400-3/..., CXL 2400-6/...,CXL 900/1800, CXL 900/1800/1900 and GPS 4/…


Using the YA-Bracket to mount these antennas, the revolving nut is not applied. Instead, the antenna connector is used for fixation.


The YA-Bracket is a member of a complete family of different mounting clamps for 1”-pipe mount antennas. Below the complete programme is shown.


By means of one of these accessory items, a vast majority of all installations can be undertaken.



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