Marine Antennas

Procom’s marine antennas are world-famed. The marine antenna programme comprises active
receiver antennas, omni-directional antennas (gain), earth plane antennas, multi-band antennas
& directional antennas (gain).

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Marine antenna

Procom’s marine antenna programme is designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user.


The antennas are of sturdy construction and the use of high-quality materials in connection with an extensive QA-system ensures the high quality of both electrical specifications as well as mechanical parameters.


The marine antennas are specially designed for use in a salty environment and are resistant to ship vibrations and extreme wind loads. Through many years of testing, the Procom marine antennas have proven their strength and function with professional users worldwide.


Procom has a long tradition of working closely together with our customers on custom-made antenna solutions for specific marine projects.



FQ 144 MHz to 175 MHz  Gain 5 dBd  L: 3 m
Two element stacked dipole array
S.8Y series
FQ 140 MHz to 470 MHz  Gain 10 dBd  L: 3 m
Directional antennas
S.6Y series
FQ 140 MHz to 470 MHz  Gain 8.5 dBd  L: 3 m
Directional antennas
S.4Y series
FQ 68 MHz to 470 MHz  Gain 7.5 dBd  L: 3 m
Directional antennas
S.3Y series
FQ 66 MHz to 470 MHz  Gain 6 dBd  L: 3m
Directional antennas
S.2Y series
FQ 67 MHz to 470 MHz  Gain 3 dBd  L: 3 m
Directional antennas
S.1H series
FQ 66 MHz to 175 MHz  Gain 2 dBd  L: 3 m
Heavy duty centre-fed folded dipole antenna.
S.1 series
FQ 66 MHz to 520 MHz  Gain 2 dBd  L: 3 m
Centre-fed folded dipole antenna.
RX 5000
FQ 100 KHz to 30 MHz  L: 5.17 m
Self-Supporting Wide-Band Receiving Whip Antenna for the LF, MF and HF Bands.
FQ 100 kHz to 30 MHz  L: 100 mm
Broadband Transformer for Marine Wire Receiving Antennas
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